A Tool for Enhancement & Change; Character Strengths

For a bit of self-reflective fun, you may take the VIA Survey at : http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths-Survey


After completing the survey, take the first 3 virtues and reflect on them and include your thoughts and feelings about the character strengths. For instance do you have an image, a memory and a story which highlighted the virtue?


Or, if you have a life partner and/or someone with whom you are in an intimate relationship with, ask them to complete the survey too and then compare the results. (There is no right or wrong answer here.) Discuss the results in a manner which keeps the communication open, for instance say “tell me more” or “why do you think this is your number one virtue?” Avoid, communication that shuts the dialogue down such as “What!” “That is stupid”, communicating with your partner in that manner shows that the relationship is not working so well.


I hope you find this work in completing the survey and reflecting on your virtues an interesting exercise to connect to a part of your-self. This practice can be psychologically helpful, especially when you are thinking self-critically. One may perceive pressure from others who hold different values, and in those moments, it can be very challenging to be different, and to hold onto the positive aspects of yourself. There is no right or wrong answer. 


In addition, one can think and believe that their virtue is universally held, or the most valuable, and others are simply misguided and wrong. In this situation, one can use this exercise as a method to increase tolerance, acceptance and maybe understanding of others. 


Also, the survey has been shown to be an empirically validated tool, meaning that some good research supports that this practice works. If you have any questions with this survey, or how to help change your life by supporting your metal health and overall wellness, you may contact me to schedule a consultation at karen@leadinglightcounseling.com. Thank you.  


Be well~



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