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I work primarily with adults and couples in managing a wide range of issues and challenges. In my private practice, I assist adults and couples who desire to improve their quality of life as an Oregon board-registered L.P.C. intern. 


I have a relational approach, which is to say that I believe in the need for a strong therapeutic alliance to establish trust and understanding which is essential for effective treatment to work.  Also, I value diversity and see every person as a unique individual.  In addition, my approach is eclectic, in that I use a variety of different treatment traditions and philosophies when counseling clients.  


The best way to imagine how therapy works is that the therapist creates a safe and protected place where the therapist and client can, together, find ways to so that the client can have a more comfortable, functional, productive and meaningful life. 


As a college instructor, I enjoy creating networks that link the class material and good research, with resources on campus and within the Portland Metro area to enhance awareness and appreciation of mental health and diversity within the community.


In addition, also, I continue to dance, hike, garden, read, travel, and play video games with my children. What I enjoy most about the Pacific Northwest and Portland, Oregon s the accessibility to connect with a diverse natural environment, as well as enjoy the cosmopolitan aspects of a city community.


Dr. Guy Winch’s TED talk on “Emotional First Aid” is brilliant.  He uses his knowledge as a clinical psychologist and his own personal observations to share with us as to how to improve our “emotional hygiene”. 


Winter Course - "Psychology of Personal Social Adjustment"

The course introduces psychological principles for enhancing self-understanding and interpersonal relationships with others through the use of biological, clinical, creative arts therapy & social psychology research. The course will also support concrete skill development in the following areas: personal identity, managing emotions, interpersonal communication, developing relationships and intimacy, conflict resolution, and mental health awareness.  


Location: Portland State University, Cramer Hall 171

Date: Jan. 6th - March 15th

Time: 4:40-6:30pm

If interested in taking class contact, Karen Chenier at or go to

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