Dr. Karen Chenier, is originally from Chicago, IL and relocated to Southern California where she studied Dance, Psychology and Sociology.  She received her BFA in Dance from California State University Long Beach (CSULB), an MA in Dance Movement Therapy from the University of California Los Angeles, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.   


Prior to coming to Portland State, she had taught within the Dance and Educational Psychology Departments at California State University, Long Beach.  She specialized in Non-verbal Communication, Interaction of Mind Body awareness, and Creative Arts Therapy approaches to self-understanding and healing.   


While at CSULB she helped create and implement a study-abroad program with her husband, Jon, in the Interior Architectural Design Department in conjunction with the American Institute for Foreign Study in London, UK in 2002 and Florence, Italy in 2004. 

Classes Taught at PSU


Physical / Mental Health, Wellness


Psychology 200

Psychology as a Natural Science

Covers the scientific foundations of human behavior in areas such as physiological and biological psychology, cognitive, moral, and emotional development, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, thinking and memory. Also focuses on issues in experimental design and teaches students how to critically evaluate psychological research.

Evidenced based approaches to improve interpersonal relationships


Creative arts and somatic therapudic approaches to transformation of the personality and self


Technological advances and its subsequent affects on mental and physical health, specifically regarding nonverbal behavior, communication, and body-positivity/awareness.    

Psychology 204

Psychology as a Social Science

Explores human individuality and the social context of behavior. Topics include intelligence, personality, motivation, social psychology, coping with stress, and psychological disorders. Describes theories and research findings in the context of social issues and introduces students to challenges of psychological measurement.

Psychology 317

Psychology of Personal / Social Adjustment

Traces the course of normal adjustment with special interest in those factors which are instrumental in shaping human behavior. Introduces psychological principles forself-understanding and interpersonal relationships through the use of psychological research and theoretical principals.  Also, concepts such as emotional maturity, psychological stress, and maladjustment are considered.  Recommended prerequisite: 4 credits in 200-level psychology.  

Psychology 405

Reading & Conference, Undergraduate Teaching Asst.

Consent of instructor.

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