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In my practice, I work primarily with adults and couples in managing a wide range of mental health issues and challenges such as Anxiety, Depression, Intimacy, Communication problems, Attention deficits & Learning differences, Self- Esteem, Health issues, Life Transitions, Grief & loss, Professional/Work issues, Family and Relationship matters as an Oregon board-registered Licensed Practitioner Counselor intern.


My approach is multi-modal, evidence-based, which is to say that I use a variety of different tested treatment traditions and philosophies when counseling. Using evidence and an informed perspective, I consider good, reliable research on the efficaciousness of treatment approaches. I utilize the following:

  1. Symptom reduction focuses on a clear identification of the client's problems while creating an individualized approach to reducing or those symptoms.

  2. Cognitive-behavioral approaches focus on working with clients to understand in detail their thought patterns, the core beliefs that underlie those thought patterns, and the behaviors.

  3. Investigative inquiries where the client is invited to be curious about their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and actions in a respectful and safe environment.   

Also, I have been a university instructor, teaching a variety of classes: Nonverbal Communication, Interaction of Mind-body Awareness, Biological Psychology, Psychology as a Natural Science, Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment, and Viewing Dance. I enjoy creating networks and understanding human behavior and experiences with mind and body awareness while using good, reliable, and valid research.

As Featured On:


Dr. Guy Winch’s TED talk on “Emotional First Aid” is brilliant.  He uses his knowledge as a clinical psychologist and his own personal observations to share with us as to how to improve our “emotional hygiene”. 


Winter Course - "Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment"

The course is an 8-week online class that introduces psychological principles for enhancing self-understanding and interpersonal relationships with others through the use of psychological and social psychology research and theoretical principles. The course will also support concrete skill development in the following areas: personal identity, managing emotions, interpersonal communication, developing relationships and intimacy, conflict resolution, and mental health awareness.


Location: Portland State University - Distance Learning

Date: December 4th, 2021

Time: M-TH, 11:45am-12:50pm

If interested in taking class contact, Karen Chenier at kchenier@pdx.edu or go to https://www.pdx.edu/undergraduate-admissions/other-applicants