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Film review "The ACE Study"

The ACE Study I. Cavalcade Productions

Photo by Grannan, Katy, Sugar Camp Road: Christopher and Zachary, Bay Farm, Duxbury, MA. 2002.

The documentary and informative film, The ACE Study, by Cavalcade Productions, presents good research on the health consequences and impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences. The film documents an extraordinary study in which researchers were following up on a weight loss intervention program at Kaiser in San Diego. What the researchers discovered is not what you may intuitively think would be a factor in whether or not a patient was successful in maintain a healthy weight. Also, the film shows moving case examples of some of the people who participated in the study, their experiences, and process of recovery.

To view the film for free, check out your public library. If you are local to Portland, OR, you may stream the film from our public library system for free by following the link

If you don’t have a library card, get one 😉 is really easy process, here’s the link:

Also, it is evident that as a culture and civilized society of humans, we need to place more importance, resources and concrete structures of assistance and support toward families, parenting skills as well as support for survivors of ACE. For instance:

  1. For new parents, creation of visiting nurse programs

  2. Parenting support groups for parents and/or caretakers facilitated by licensed nurses or child development specialist for free or low cost

  3. Preschoolers, Head start programs for children with mindfulness based practices

  4. Primary, Middle, High schools, and Colleges or Universities, hiring more social workers and counselors to listen, support and educate

  5. For Adult Survivors of ACE access to mental health care services with licensed professionals

Indeed the challenges are many. . . how to do this in a manner which respects individual rights and culture as well as the cost is challenging. Though the price we pay as a culture for not valuing the care of children and families and survivors of ACE is significant as evidenced through good research, as seen in The ACE Study film.

Also a psychotherapist and dance movement therapist in Portland OR, The ACE Study film validates the importance of what I do in my private practice. The goal of the session work is to support and guide my, adult clients (those who have suffered from abuse and neglect) towards creating, unique self care practices that fit and work with them. Eventually with practice and support these skills become internalized so that the individual has the capacity to develop a choice in how they want to direct their life, in effect "breaking the chain" of abuse. Encourage you to check out the information!

Photo, York Minster, Choir, south window: Healing a child. mid 15th century

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