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What is Your Superpower and Strength?

To find what your superpower and strengh consider taking the VIA survey at

This survey was created by Christopher Petersonson, Ph.D. and Martin Seligman Ph.D. through the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. (Seligman has been an influential and pivotal figure, the change and direction he took with his research was to focus on people’s strengths rather than their 'illnesses').

Before you begin the actual test, the site will ask you for some general, benign, demographic information. The survey is a bit long, so prepare for about 25 minutes of reading short sentences and answering a simple 1-5 Likert scale.

Also, the researchers who operate the site will give you a 'teaser' of sorts with the concluding results. This information is not a diagnosis; instead, it is just a bit of material that will identify your character traits in order of strength.

After completing the survey, take the first three virtues and reflect on them. What are your thoughts and feelings about the character strengths? For instance, do you have an image, a memory, and a story that highlighted the virtue? How in your life is this virtue expressed?

Concentrating on character strengths in this manner can increase people's awareness of themselves. Cultivating an inner self-awareness is psychologically helpful; it is a process to help one function less self-critically, and improve a sense of compassionate energy.

For instance, one may perceive themselves as different, or feel pressure from others who hold other character strengths and values. In those moments, it can be very challenging to be different, and one may feel isolated and alone.

What the VIA information provides an opportunity to increased understanding and connectedness, there are no right or wrong answers, or one virtue which is the best. It is a creative practice that may heighten a sense of curiosity toward others and heighten self-confidence.

Also, the survey is an empirically validated tool, meaning that some valid and reliable research supports the survey results.

If you have any questions about this survey, or how to help change your life by promoting your mental health and overall wellness, you may contact me to schedule a consultation at Thank you.

Be well~


Peterson, Christopher & Seligman, M.E.P. (2004). Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification. Washington, D.C.: APA Press and Oxford University Press.


Image, ‘Fortitude’, Anonymous Italian Masters, Tarot

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