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Your Unique Self

Every person is unique and special in their own way. Say, for example, if you were invited to a party, and for some reason you could not show-up, would ask for someone else to take your place? Most likely the answer would be “No”. The host would ask - where are YOU? We want YOU!

From earliest times, attempts have been made to categorize individual attitudes and behavior patterns, in order to explain the differences between people. The oldest system of this type of system is from the Chinese zodiac. This system briefly, classifies one’s character or personality in terms of 4 elements, water, air, earth and fire. This system survives in modified form in present-day astrology. Ancient Greeks had astrological gauge to help them understand the distinctiveness between individuals though the astrological constellations. According to this age-old view, whoever is born under a particular sign, say if you were born under a fire sign, you may share in a ‘fiery nature’ with a corresponding temperament and fate. All these systems have been used to try to understand the uniqueness of the individual and the environment. Also, clinical psychology has some measurement tools too. I want to share with you one test.

It is the BIG 5. The survey is not a diagnostic assessment - the information is for your own self-knowledge.

After you take the survey, note your thoughts and feelings with the results. For example do you agree or disagree with the findings- how so?

Also, for a fun mental health exercise, you may complete the survey on a close friend, or committed partner, and have them do the survey on you. Then see how closely the scores are to one another. Sometimes others see us differently, than we see ourselves.

Now, enjoy the weekend . . . consider attending that party and the gathering of friends.

Cindy Sherman, Artist
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