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Having a tough day? Check out this movie

Louder Than A Bomb is a inspirational film which documents four young adults, their classmates and teacher/coaches as they compete in a poetry festival as part of the Young Chicago Authors program. The film illustrates how creativity and expression has the power to cultivate and enhance personal growth, as well as supporting interpersonal connection, through an understanding of self and other. It is a powerfully moving and entertaining film.

Also, as an mental health exercise. . .

Take a moment and reflect on a time, in your life, where you experienced a challenge, something you chose to do, even though it was hard. Think about that situation with some descriptive detail.

Then, think about what you did, step by step, to work through and move forward from this challenge. Be specific in your thoughts as you reflect on the details.

What did you learn from this experience?

Now, allow yourself to celebrate your accomplishments and your unique and creative coping skills.

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